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Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years interior

There's a brand new New years interior...

I bought it ^^ That's all i have to say

Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 days of dresses...

You all may have noticed that we haven't been posting anything about the 12 days of dresses promotion. To be honest, its because all the dresses are ugly. I dont care how rare they are...just face it. But today...

But today is definitely an exception. I absolutely love this dress. The ruffles and the flowy-ee-ness is just amazing.
Thought i should tell you all 


hotbuys dress

the new hotbuys dress is from voile and costs 18sd.

it's quite a pretty dress.

what do you think?

New photo updates and store...

So, Lots of stuff happening on SD lately...i guess
First off there is a new shop out. Don't get too excited, it's not that good...

But still you have got to give it some credit. There are a few cool things like the white eyelashes and the zip earrings. It's inspired by some singer (or rapper or...I dunno) named Willow. I don't like the song but i thing the video is quite cool.


There are also some updates to using photos. You all should know now that you can take pics in your suite...But how many of you noticed this?

If you look under album you will see that there is a new option called photos.

It shows the photos you have taken in parties and with party you took it at.

think you can make an awesome outfit with the willow stuff?
Is the photo thing really old and i am just slow?

tell us!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

party planner

incase you haven't seen the message stardoll sent about party planner, here it is:

not the greatest idea

new superstar hairstyles

there are a few new superstar hairstyles in the beauty parlour.

i think most of them are rather boring.
what do you think???

hotbuy purse

there's a new hotbuys purse in starplaza.

it's black and gold.

9sd from Rio.

it's ok-ish but not something that i would buy.

here it is:

tell us what you think in comments

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Sunny Bunny and HB purse...

Hey guys, theres a new sunny bunny collection out...

I like the jewelery more than i like the clothes. There a bit too...blah, if you know what i mean. I like the jewelery because theres some great pieces that could finish off an awesome outfit. What i would do with these to make them work for me is pair them up with great black numbers.But there's one more thing i have got to add. Too. Many. Bows.
Got a great outfit you wanna share? 
Post a link!



Saturday, December 18, 2010

The 4th dress of the twelve days of dresses campaign...

Hey guys, The newest promotion dress is out...

I kind of have mixed feelings about it. I think it would look really good if you use it right but it doesn't do well on its own.
If you think you have pulled it off in an outfit, then post a tiny pic link to it in comments!



Friday, December 17, 2010

Hey :)

Hey guys! I wouldn't be posting this if not necessary, but I just wanted to say that I won't be able to post from the 22nd December to the 9th January unfortunately. I will be away at the SEA! And because my gran doesn't have FlashPlayer, I won't be able to post. So, I'll make the most of this time before next week. Have A Very Merry Christmas Everyone! Bye for now! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):P

Stupid Supreme

Oh yay, my most hated store is out...Super supreme (or stupid supreme)

All this shop is about is pressuring non-superstars!
The oversized bobble-headed collectables just look so tacky!
Oh great, they happen to come in the most creepy-fan-girl enducing characters...

A shirtless Taylor Lautner ( How classy ) A gelled up Edward (shudder) And a...Justin bieber (puke)
And the prices are through the roof crazy!

This looks like beyonce and Coco Chanel...

And Mario Bros. Characters.

Well, this is yet another way for stardoll to get us to pay up, I for one am NOT buying it.

Do you think the same as me?


A new dress :P

Hey everyone! Today I am posting about the dress above. (Look up) :) It is the latest dress from 12 DAYS OF DRESSES. It costs $25, and personally, I think the design is a bit strange. Very artistic, from the store of Folk, and the floral design makes it look summery and light, but it can be worn at night. That's just my opinion, though! It's not one of my firm favourites. Unfortunately, though, as I'm not a SUPERSTAR, I won't be able to buy ANY of these 12 DRESSES. Boo! I'll post more tomorrow!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New-ish hotbuy

as most of you may know, there's a not-so-new-anymore hotbuy.

you can find it at pretty in pink for 20sd.
i'm sure you all know what it looks like.
tell us what you think of it in comments.=)

Writers Needed!

Hey everybody!

You see, me and 2 other writers just can't  write all the posts and keep up with every section...sooooo we need more writers. Just post in comments a little about yourself and what sections you want to write. Remember, what you write about yourself shows us how well you can write

We're hoping to get some more writers soon!




i eventually got round to writing my 1st post!!!

i'm misguided-ghost and i obviously write for this blog.

i'm gonna be writing about hotbuys and updates.

er... i cannot think of anything else to say so...


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New floor on Voile and 2nd Dress

Theres a new floor in Voile! 

It's actually quite interesting. Especially that ball gown (sadly it makes my doll look fat) I am really loving this New Voile shop! There are so many gorgeous designer pieces that are definately going to become popular rares. 

The new floor also happens to have the second dress from the Twelve Dresses promotion...

The same price at a wopping 25sd!
Oh well, I much prefer this dress to yesterday's one...shiny...
thoughts from our minion followers? (teehee)


Hello :)

Hello everyone! My name is Elly, (for short :) and I Love Stardoll, just like my good friends misscheeseycake and misguided-ghost. READ THEIR POSTS! Anyway, I am not a SUPERSTAR unfortunately, my parents won't let me :(. I will be posting more!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

17th Holiday calendar gift

The next calendar gift is out...
I thinks its pretty cool actually. Its 2sd and you can find it in your hol's calendar. It reminds me of some sort of alexander mcqueen style skirt.

Are you gonna get it?


Bazaar open for all!

Good news for all non-superstars: You can now buy from starbazaar WITHOUT having to upgrade!
Stardoll has become much kinder to non-superstars and I think this is great for them. Now if you have a verified email address and 500 hundred shiny starpoints, then Congrats! You (and obviously superstars) can by from the star bazaar.

I'll be home for christmas style outfits

New style outfits in starplaza today...

I like them, their sort of vintage you should be able to find some jewls in this collection


12 Days of dresses

It seems that stardoll has come out with another money making scheme!

 I guess its obvious what it is, a new dress, everyday, for 12 days! :P I really wouldn't mind it if the prices weren't so scary.At a shocking 25sd; theres no way i'm spending my hard earned dollars on a relatively mediocre dress.
I'm hoping the other dresses are cooler!

what about you?