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Friday, December 17, 2010

Stupid Supreme

Oh yay, my most hated store is out...Super supreme (or stupid supreme)

All this shop is about is pressuring non-superstars!
The oversized bobble-headed collectables just look so tacky!
Oh great, they happen to come in the most creepy-fan-girl enducing characters...

A shirtless Taylor Lautner ( How classy ) A gelled up Edward (shudder) And a...Justin bieber (puke)
And the prices are through the roof crazy!

This looks like beyonce and Coco Chanel...

And Mario Bros. Characters.

Well, this is yet another way for stardoll to get us to pay up, I for one am NOT buying it.

Do you think the same as me?



  1. OMG! Those look so random! I mean, who would want to buy something that looks as freaky as that!? I for one, as a non-SUPERSTAR, am totally against it, and agree with MISSCHEESEYCAKE.