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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello Stardoll World

Hello world! Or the very small fraction of the world that has happened to find our blog. My name is Maggie (or misscheeseycake) and I love to write. I've always wanted to write for a stardoll blog but no matter how I hinted or nudged (teehee) I was never asked (oh woe is me!) So i thought 'Why wait to be asked? Do it yourself lazy! All you do is sit around all day anyway' So I did and this is it!

Maybe there was a reason I wasn't asked? Who knows! Thats yours too decide. I'm really hoping that this does well and doesn't fall into becoming a cleche. We're gonna do the usual stuff like updates and news but with our special 'edge' (Excuse the pun ^^)  The rest of the writers will introduce themselves soon so keep reading!


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